By Admin Pantau Gambut

539 hotspots were detected on July 17, 2018. These hotspots were found in priority areas of peatland restoration. This shows that there continues to be weak supervision and implementation of pledges issued by the government in regards to problems on peatlands.

Entering the dry season, Pantau Gambut detected 539 hotspots in the priority provinces for peatland restoration through VIIRS as of July 17, 2018. Although the national and regional governments have worked hand in hand to restore peatlands and extinguish hotspots, this incident shows that the efforts to prevent forest and peatland fires have not been optimized. Improving land governance is the key to Indonesia's long-term solution to annual disasters.


Enclosed is a press release from Pantau Gambut regarding the statement from the Chairman of Pantau Gambut Simpul Jaringan regarding the priority provinces for peatland restoration in relation to the high number of hotspots found in these priority provinces.

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