Pledge Assessment Methodology

In the spirit of transparency, we share the methodology Pantau Gambut uses to select and examine the restoration pledges featured on our platform.

Pledge selection

The pledge selection process begins with analysis of peatland policy and research at the national and regional levels. Civil society organizations in seven peatland restoration priority provinces then discuss the analysis. Afterward, the Pantau Gambut team considers the results of the analysis and discussion together to make a selection. 

There are several criteria for peatland restoration pledges featured on Pantau Gambut:

  • Pledger
    Pledges must be stated by national or regional government officials or business or organization leaders.
  • Pledge type
    Pledges must be made through policy (contained in institutional official documents), public statements, transcripts, or circulars.
  • Source
    Pledges must refer to official information sources that can be accessed and verified by the public.
  • Statement format
    Pledges must be expressed in complete sentences and based on concrete actions.

After satisfying these criteria, the Pantau Gambut team assesses where each pledge fits within the wider context of peatland restoration, and determines how to categorize it.

Pledge progress monitoring

The Pantau Gambut team monitors progress on pledges by:

  • Following updates in various credible, tier one media sources. Tier one media criteria:
    • journalists include multiple citations, exposing plural viewpoints;
    • circulation is at national level; and
    • news coverage is published on multiple media.
  • Processing information related to peatland restoration obtained from local networks and Pantau Gambut-appointed regional civil society associations with representatives in the eight priority provinces. 
  • Triangulating information from various external parties, including businesspeople, regional government agencies, and other media.
  • Discussing the eight priority peatland restoration provinces to accommodate local communities’ aspirations and responses.
  • Monitoring Pantau Gambut’s social media and Stories pages for user responses and suggestions regarding restoration pledge compliance, challenges, and activities.

Pledge assessment and recommendations

The Pantau Gambut team analyzes constraints and makes recommendations regarding the implementation of peatland restoration pledges through the following steps:

  • Identifying the challenges encountered by government bodies, civil society organizations, and other parties involved in peatland restoration efforts.
  • Examining the scenario and brainstorming alternative approaches to overcome the constraints.
  • Analyzing multiple information sources, including:
  • Official audiovisual and written sources from government institutions’ websites and tier one media platforms;
    • Two-way communication to discuss findings from the field and in policy through verified sources; and
    • Ground verification of preliminary findings through community reports and other verified and strategic follow-up reports.
    • Proposing recommendations on the Pantau Gambut website and in targeted campaigns to support public figures and organizations in fulfilling their pledges.