Pantau Gambut is an online platform that collects and features various information about peatlands in Indonesia. The platform aims to share knowledge on the importance of peatland protection.

Preserving peatlands can bring many environmental benefits, which in turn will improve community welfare. Peatlands serve as the world’s largest carbon storage. Well-maintained peatlands can absorb carbon emissions in the atmosphere. 
Pantau Gambut utilizes technology in the form of online platforms, information from various social media channels, and open data obtained from community networks. The public can monitor various peat issues through the data presented on this platform. We also highlight peatland restoration pledges made by government agencies, independent organizations, and businesspeople. Pantau Gambut seeks to facilitate public participation in observing environmental issues related to peatlands. 

Pantau Gambut Partners

Pantau Gambut maintains an ever-evolving partnership with various environmental organizations. Our partnership consists of national and local networks. Download the Mutual Values of the Pantau Gambut Partnership.

National Network

Regional Network


In addition to local network nodes, other organizations and individuals who share our vision also support the Pantau Gambut initiative. While they are not directly involved in the implementation of Pantau Gambut activities, these organizations/individuals are willing to display their name/logo on the Pantau Gambut website and share information about its organization’s restoration projects in the Restoration Activity Map feature

Supporting Organizations