About Pantau Gambut

Pantau Gambut is an online platform for information on peatland ecosystems and progress updates on Indonesian stakeholders’ pledges to protect and restore peatlands.

Pantau Gambut also aims to raise awareness about the importance of peatland preservation in the context of protecting the environment, reducing emissions, and supporting social welfare.

Technology allows us to share open source data and information from local networks, so the general public can monitor peatland restoration efforts by the government, civil society organizations, and private sector actors. 

By analyzing restoration practitioners’ progress and challenges, Pantau Gambut helps to generate new ideas to support peatland restoration targets at the national level. 

Pantau Gambut Partners

Civil society organizations collectively initiated Pantau Gambut in an ever-evolving partnership. Pantau Gambut’s network includes national and local partner networks as well as support teams with specific roles and responsibilities, which are detailed in Pantau Gambut’s Charter

Local Network

Organizations participating in the implementation of Pantau Gambut activities at the national and local levels.

  • Bicara Untuk Rakyat
  • Epistema Institute
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  • Jaringan Masyarakat Gambut Aceh
  • Jaringan Masyarakat Gambut Jambi
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  • Jaringan Masyarakat Gambut Riau
  • Jaringan Masyarakat Gambut Sumatera
  • Jasoil
  • Jerat Papua
  • Kaliptra Sumatera
  • Kaoem Telapak
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  • KOMPAG Sumatra Selatan
  • Pantau Gambut Papua
  • Perkumpulan Hijau
  • Rumbakum
  • Walhi Kalimantan Barat
  • Walhi Kalimantan Selatan
  • Walhi Kalteng
  • WALHI Sumatra Selatan
  • World Resources Institute Indonesia
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  • Yayasan MADANI Berkelanjutan
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Organizations and individuals that support Pantau Gambut’s mission, but are not directly involved in our day-to-day activities.