Chapter 1.3 Types of peat

The depth level of peat determines the amount of carbon content and the type of plants that can grow around it. The deeper the peat level, the more carbon content inside the peat is. There are four types of peat which are distinguished based on its depth.

Types of peatland by depth/thickness.

Peatland formation is also dependent on geographical and environmental factors, and bears different characteristics in different areas. The depth at which peat is found determines the amount of carbon content it contains. Deeper peat contains more carbon than shallow peat. Thus, if deep peat dries out, more carbon will be released into the atmosphere.

Four types of peat can be distinguished based on depth from surface:

  1. Shallow peat : 50-100 cm
  2. Moderate peat : 100-200 cm
  3. Deep peat : 200-300 cm
  4. Very deep peat : more than 300 cm