Unveiling the Complexity of Paddy Field Extension

Pantau Gambut, from Pantau Gambut
18 May 2020 | Central Kalimantan

The proposed site of the paddy field extension in Central Kalimantan overlaps with an existing government policy.

No-burn agriculture in shallow peatland in Sebangau Jaya Village, Sebangau Kuala District, Pulang Pisau Regency, Central Kalimantan Province. ©Eli Nur Nirmala Sari

Against the backdrop of food crisis amid the Covid-19 pandemic, President Jokowi has instructed State-owned Enterprises (BUMN), regional governments and his ministers to convert 900,000 hectare of peatland into new paddy fields in Central Kalimantan. According to the government, 300,000 hectare of peatland is ready to be converted into new food barns. In reviewing the map proposed by the Central Kalimantan Governor to the Minister of Environment and Forestry (Letter No. 522/102/Dishut), Pantau Gambut found that the there is an overlap in the utilization of the 300,000-hectare area with others government policies. 

If the government can violate its own regulation, what does the future hold for social improvement and peatland protection and management?

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