Presidential Regulation on PaIm Oil Moratorium Issued

Joko Widodo
President of Indonesia
Category : Peat Moratorium
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Dalam rangka peningkatan produktivitas dan evaluasi serta perbaikan tata kelola perkebunan kelapa sawit, Presiden Joko Widodo akhirnya menunda pemberian izin pada perkebunan kelapa sawit selama periode tiga tahun.


Presidential Regulation No. 8/2018 on Moratorium

President Joko Widodo issued the Presidential Regulation No.8 of 2018 on Palm Oil Plantation permit moratorium and evaluation as well as Improvement on Palm Oil Plantation Productivity. Although there is no specific article regarding peatlands, this regulation is closely related to the protection of these lands. 

Important points in the Presidential Regulation include:

  1. Verification of data on release or exchange of forest area for palm oil plantations, Plantation Business Permit map or Plantation Business Permit registration certificates, location permits and cultivation permits (HGUs). 
  2. Alignment with One Map Policy regarding compliance to permits issued by regional government ministries or agencies, Plantation Business Permit with HGU, and appointment decision or stipulation of forest area with HGU.
  3. Moratorium on release or exchange of forest area for palm oil plantation to new applicants, to requests with incomplete requirements, or to requests which meet the requirements but the plantations are located in a productive forest area, or to requests which have been approval but are waiting on ground verification regarding area boundaries and land location is in a productive forest area.
  4. Evaluation of release or exchange of forest area for palm oil plantation, palm oil plantations located in a forest area, and implementation of development in forest areas with High Conservation Value Forest/HCVF.
  5. Identification of palm oil plantations that plan to be developed within forest areas.   
  6. Implementation of the stipulation which requires 20% allocation for public plantations upon forest area release for palm oil plantations. 
  7. Implementation of legal actions and consequences for palm oil plantation as usage of forest area.

Implementation of moratorium on palm oil plantation permits and evaluation of palm oil plantation permits are valid for 3 years from the issuing of the President Regulation.

The Presidential Regulation is very relevant to peatland management and protection, considering the fact that that there are currently palm oil plantations located in peatlands. Unsustainable usage and management of peatlands as palm oil plantations have been one of the causes of frequent forest and land fires in Indonesia.

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