By Simpul Jaringan Kalimantan Tengah

Simpul Jaringan Pantau Gambut Central Kalimantan held a meeting for members to discuss the current situation of peat restoration developments in Indonesia. The meeting also aims to coordinate joint work to encourage public participation in monitoring the restoration. 

The Simpul Jaringan Pantau Gambut Central Kalimantan meeting was held on 20 December 2018 in Palangkaraya. Simpul Jaringan’s member institutions were also present, including Walhi Central Kalimantan, Solidaritas Perempuan, YBB, Mapala Dozer FT UPR, Mapala Comodo FEB UPR, and Jari Central Kalimantan.

During the meeting, Simpul Jaringan discussed the development of peatland restoration and exchanged ideas on issues that should be of common concern in promoting successful restoration, including the achievement of the 2-million-hectare peatland restoration program, in which Central Kalimantan is one of the target provinces, the impact of restoration infrastructure construction activities on the socio-economic aspects of the community, restoration in concession areas, supervision of restoration activities in the regions by the Regional Peat Restoration Team (TRGD).

As a follow-up to the meeting, the participants agreed to:

  1. Build a Learning Circle, which is a forum for discussing peat restoration monitoring methodologies. The first meeting of the Learning Circle will be held in the fourth week of January 2019.
  2. Share the findings of Simpul Jaringan Central Kalimantan as a form of sharing information.
  3. Conduct researches related to restoration which is developed from issues of concern or discussion in the regions.
  4. Improve communication between members.

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