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The peat issue is considered complex to understand, but everyone has the right to receive information about this issue in an interesting and attractive way. Pantau Gambut conducted a series of digital creative campaign workshops to enhance the capacity of its network spread across nine provinces in Indonesia in designing creative campaigns.
Digital creative campaign training participants
Digital creative campaign training participants

The network of Pantau Gambut who participated in the training were guided by RACK Digital in online training for six weeks from November to December 2022. Participants were facilitated to learn the stages of understanding the characteristics of each social media platform, creating creative digital content, optimising the process of disseminating messages and using content performance monitoring tools.

After six weeks of training, Pantau Gambut encouraged each Network Hub to implement the knowledge gained. Participants were directed to create a proposal for a creative campaign to promote and advocate for the protection of peat ecosystem efforts in their respective regions. Pantau Gambut facilitated online consultations between participants and RACK Digital during the two-week proposal preparation period.

As the final session of the training series, the participants gathered in person in Jakarta on Friday, January 13, 2023. In this session, they exchanged ideas on effective and efficient steps to create content that could move the public. In addition, the participants presented their proposals for creative campaigns. Eight creative campaign proposals that had been developed could be implemented in their respective Network Hub regions to achieve one goal: inspiring as many people as possible to protect peatlands in Indonesia.

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