Chapter 4.4 Disrupted daily activities

Peatland destruction not only results in land fires, floods, and soil contamination, but also affects people's lives. Due to damaged peatland, people have difficulties obtaining food and relying on the livelihoods they previously depended upon.

Peat destruction results in the loss of people's livelihoods. © Danar Tri Atmojo

Damage to peatlands causes significant impacts such as fires, floods, and soil contamination. The negative effects don’t end here and can have rippling effects in people's lives. For example, when a major fire occurred in 2015, the smoke reduced visibility so drastically that many airports were temporarily shut down, and many schools were closed for the safety of their students.

Fire smoke also prevents residents from going about their work and daily activities. Residents whose farm lands are burned can only stand idly as the fruits of their labor literally vanish into thin air. Similarly, residents whose land is submerged by floods cannot reap their harvest.

The incident of the 2015 fire caused an estimated loss of 200 trillion Rupiah to the state.