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Everyone has the right to receive information about peat issues in an interesting and attractive way, including urban communities living on Java Island. Pantau Gambut held an exhibition and discussion-themed "Peat in Sunset Time" at Kala di Kalijaga, South Jakarta (14/1) to address this.
Musician Ojosh interviewed by Pantau Gambut
Musician Ojosh interviewed by Pantau Gambut

One of the musicians who performed at the event, Ojosh, stated, "Peat issues may not be widely known on Java Island, but the audience here should also be aware of it."

On the issue of peat problems, Iola Abas, the National Coordinator of Pantau Gambut, explained that the conversion of peatland would harm global environmental conservation because most parties no longer think about sustainable peatland management. Introducing this issue to the public is the first step to encouraging policymakers to create proactive regulations related to peat protection. "Hopefully, friends far from peat areas can understand what peat is, why it is important, and why it needs to be protected," she added.

Knowledge about peat is clearly the first step before the public actively advocates for peat protection efforts. Fundamentally, an action is always preceded by knowledge, logical thinking, and ultimately carried out in reality. Stand Up Comedian, Mamat Alkatiri revealed, "The most difficult thing is not to move, but to drive other people. Therefore, movements like what Pantau Gambut is doing should be done more often."

Stand Up Comedian Mamat Alkatiri interviewed by Pantau Gambut
Stand Up Comedian Mamat Alkatiri interviewed by Pantau Gambut

No matter how small the environmental movements made by the public, they will certainly have an impact on future lives. It is incorrect to maintain the belief that peat ecosystem issues are solely the responsibility of the older generation or people living in peat areas. Awan Garnida, a member of the band G-Pluck who dedicates their music to The Beatles, emphasised, "Young people must replace the previous generation to become intelligent, responsible, and also environmentally conscious citizens, especially regarding peat issues. Thus, our nation can grow into a great nation."

G-Pluck Performance
G-Pluck Performance

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