By Pantau Gambut

Regional election candidate pairs must recognize the importance of peatland protection in their region. By protecting peatlands and forests, they are helping to save the lives and prosperity of their constituents. Nevertheless, peatland issues have not been prioritized in regional, provincial, regency, or city election campaigns.

In order to provide updated data-driven information, Pantau Gambut conducted a study on the sustainability of peatland restoration pledges at the regional level, particularly last-minute pledges made before regional elections in peatland restoration priority regions. The study revealed that peatland issues have not been a priority for regional political candidates at the provincial or regency levels. This is worrying, since regional government pledges are key to the achievement of national peatland restoration targets.

Pantau Gambut’s review also found that, although local communities care about peatland restoration, they still consider economic growth and infrastructure development more important issues. From these findings, Pantau Gambut identified several follow-up opportunities to mainstream peatland issues in strategic sectors and make natural resource protection more sustainable. Follow-up recommendations include: socializing the public about the importance of peatlands, enhancing coordination between government bodies at the national and regional levels, integrating with regional priorities, and enforcing relevant laws.

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