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Peatland fires occur again in Jambi, this time within the protected Peatland region in the moratorium area, despite the Jambi provincial government being one of the key players with a strong commitment to protecting peatlands and preventing forest and land fires.

Based on the results of field monitoring from Green Society, which makes up Pantau Gambut Simpul Jaringan in the Jambi region, there has been a fire breaking out on peatlands in Muntialo Village, Betara District, West Tanjung Jabung Regency. Direct monitoring from August 6, 2018 shows that the specific point is at coordinates 1 • 03'05, "103 • 22" 28.7 " in the Muntialo Village area which is a protected peatland region within the moratorium area.

This shows that the government's efforts to monitor fire-prone points are not carried out optimally. Promises and commitment to peat protection and forest fire prevention are also not implemented optimally.

From these findings, Pantau Gambut hopes that there will be a follow-up from the government, the Jambi regional government, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Peatland Restoration Agency relating to the handling of these land and forest fires. Pantau Gambut encourages participation and accommodates public contributions to monitor peatland protection and restoration efforts and reports on the progress of the prevention and handling of forest and land fires through

Latest Update from Jambi:
After the Pantau Gambut team reported a fire on peatlands on August 8th, 2018, by August 13th, 2018 the police had installed a police line around the fire and found that the peatland was under the concession of PT. Artha Mulia Mandiri. At present, the Pantau Gambut team will continue to investigate further the permits of these companies located in protected peatland areas.

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