The Government Strengthens Peatland Protection Regulation

Joko Widodo
President of Indonesia
Category : Peat Restoration
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Presidential Instruction No.8/2018

The Indonesian government emphasized the importance of peatland ecosystem protection and management by issuing Regulation No. 57/2016, which amends Regulation No. 71/2014. In the amended regulation, there are additions related to planning, cross-institutional coordination, and enforcement of the peatland clearing ban.

Notable changes in Regulation No. 57/2016 are as follows:

  1. The Peatland Ecosystem Function map at the provincial and regency, and city levels is to be stipulated at a scale of at least 1:50,000. Previously, the map was stipulated at a scale of 1:1,000,000 in provinces and 1:50,000 in regencies and cities.
  2. Coordination amongst several additional ministries – including those responsible for spatial planning, water resources, and national development planning, among others – is expected.
  3. The land clearing ban was stipulated, prohibiting anyone from:
    • Clearing peatland until protection and cultivation zoning is stipulated for select plant species,
    • Construction of drainage lines, which dry out peatlands,
    • Burning peatland or allowing burning to occur, and
    • Other activities that damage peatlands beyond standard criteria.
  4. Restoration activities for devastated peatland ecosystem are detailed, with emphasis on activities to be performed by the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) through the “3Rs” method: rewetting, revegetation, and rehabilitation.
  5. Peatland restoration is defined as including natural succession, rehabilitation, and other methods in line with scientific and technological developments. Specifically, the following activities are stipulated as constituting restoration:
    • Management of groundwater,
    • Construction, operation, and maintenance work, such as the development of peatland wetting infrastructure, and/or
    • Cultivation based on local knowledge.

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