Peat restoration area increases to 2.6 million ha

Nazir Foead
Head of Peatland and Mangrove Restoration Agency
Category : Peat Restoration
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The Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) issued a regulation on changes to the peat restoration area, from 2.4 million hectares to 2.6 million hectares. This additional area is specified in the Head of the Peat Restoration Agency Decree Number SK.16/BRG/KPTS/2018 concerning Amendments to the Head of the Peat Restoration Agency Decree Number SK 05/BRG/KPTS/2016 concerning the Establishment of a Peat Restoration Indicative Map.

Based on the details provided in the appendices of the decree, the total additional restoration area in the Peatland Restoration Indicative Map is 184,074 hectares distributed in 7 priority provinces for peat restoration. Most of the additional restoration area is included in peatland categorized as licensed cultivation areas. Based on the breakdown by region, out of the 7 priority provinces for peat restoration, only Central Kalimantan reduced its restoration target. On the other hand, the largest additional restoration target was Riau, reaching 140,882 hectares.

Compared to the previous indicative map, the additional restoration target in the company's concession area is 373,409 hectares. The additional restoration target was also found in unlicensed cultivation areas, i.e. 3,512 hectares. On the other hand, there was a reduction in the restoration target of 192,847 hectares in the protected area.

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