Joko Widodo
President of Indonesia
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) committed to protecting all peatlands in a speech he delivered in 2014. Comprehensive protection of natural forests, peatlands, and coastal areas are one of the 18 commitments in the environment and natural resources sector that Jokowi conveyed at the conference.


Jokowi asked to Visit Deforested Land and Forests Jokowi's speech in KNLHSDA

Six days before the inauguration of the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the period of 2014 to 2019, Jokowi confirmed that he would protect the environment, including the peat ecosystem. This was a follow-up to his statement during the presidential candidate debate. Jokowi promised to protect natural resources.

The speech was made by Anies Baswedan, as Deputy of the Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla Transition Team, saying that a mental revolution was going to be carried out in managing the environment and natural resources,  including the formation of a Task Force to eradicate the mafia of natural resources.

The following are Jokowi's 18 commitments in the sector of environment and natural resources:

  1. Review of permits integrated into one map
  2. Full implementation of agrarian reform mandated by the Decree of the People's Consultative Assembly (TAP MPR) Number IX/2001
  3. Settlement of agrarian conflicts
  4. Spatial improvement including coastal spatial planning
  5. Recovery from forest pollution and destruction, consisting of a fundamental reduction in forest and land fires
  6. Restoration of 5.5 million hectares of very critical areas with the community
  7. Restoration of critical watersheds in an integrated manner by involving all parties
  8. Formation of a task force to eradicate mafia of natural resources that is directly responsible to the President
  9. Establishment of a channel for citizens' aspirations that will be monitored and followed up continuously
  10. Increased preparedness in the face of climate change and ecological disasters
  11. Total land protection for natural forests, peatlands, and coastal areas
  12. We will take all measures more effectively, including international diplomacy on climate change
  13. Mental revolution in managing the environment is also one of our priorities, by taking several quick and maximum measures in the first year
  14. People's movement in effective waste management through the establishment of waste banks in five to ten big cities as the main and first project
  15. Declaring 1 January 2015 as a new year without trash
  16. Accelerating the implementation of the Decree of the People's Consultative Assembly (TAP MPR) Number IX/2001 on agrarian and natural resources reform
  17. Prioritizing seven coastal areas that will also rehabilitate the coastal belt
  18. Committed to fundamentally strengthening environmental institutions in future government

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