Pantau Gambut is an online platform that combines technology, data, and community networks. The platform provides the public with open and free access to information. Pantau Gambut aims to be a space for sharing knowledge with organizations, community groups, the media, and the public.  Through the Pantau Gambut platform, the public can participate in tracking the government’s pledges related to peat restoration. The public can also follow the progress of the peat ecosystem restoration program carried out not only by the government, but also environmental organizations and business actors.

The Pantau Gambut initiative is based on an independent, ever-evolving among environmental organizations. The complete list of organizations that have joined the Pantau Gambut partnership can be seen here.

Any organization registered as a legal entity and has carried out activities, research, or work related to peat in Indonesia can join the Pantau Gambut Partnership. Submit your application via this email.

Pantau Gambut is open to individuals and non-governmental organizations that support environmental protection and community welfare. These organizations and individuals must be aligned to support this vision through sustainable and equitable peat management. Organizations that wish to join must be officially registered in Indonesia. Individuals can join as network nodes or supporters of the Pantau Gambut team. 

Pantau Gambut cooperates with member organizations and network with the following roles and responsibilities:

The Pantau Gambut Network comprises all organizations involved in the implementation of Pantau Gambut activities at the national and subnational levels. They play a role in providing information and giving input on the content of Pantau Gambut, including policy analysis, verification, and advocacy. The Network regularly discusses Pantau Gambut’s strategic plan in responding to various important issues, including issues related to peat restoration activities. 

  • Supporters, consisting of organizations and individuals, can display their logos or names on the Pantau Gambut website.
  • Pantau Gambut supporters obtain and provide up-to-date information for the Pantau Gambut team.

The Pantau Gambut Team implements strategic plans in research, investigation, advocacy, and campaign activities. These activities focus on analyzing pledges and policies related to peatland restoration and protection. The team also conducts periodic monitoring of peatlands using open data, field data collection to track the progress of peat restoration, and awareness raising campaigns to improve public knowledge on sustainable peat management.  Community involvement is important in building long-term peatland protection and restoration solutions.

There are several ways you can contribute, including by:

  • Reading and sharing information related to monitoring pledges in peatland protection and restoration.
  • Sharing important stories or information you know about peatland protection and restoration in the Insights feature. You can contribute your by sending it via this email.
  • Following Pantau Gambut on social media, including on InstagramTwitterFacebook, dan YouTube.