Annual Report I Pantau Gambut

Pantau Gambut is an independent initiative by various civil society organizations (CSOs) in Indonesia. It utilizes technology, data collaboration and a network of local communities to inform the public and increase their participation. The platform aims to support and encourage a successful execution of the peatland restoration pledges made by various stakeholders in the country.

This annual report summarizes activities carried out by the Pantau Gambut team over the past year, in addition to several analysis and key recommendations for key peatland restoration stakeholders.

Key Elements


The support of respected organizations and communities strengthens our strategy and position in representing the public’s voice

Data & Information

Complete and accurate data are the foundation for a comprehensive and accurate analysis and decision-making

Shared Platforms

Online and offline platforms enable coalitions and communities to contribute regardless of time and place

Spirit of Pantau Gambut

Pantau Gambut aims to provide and empower independent, community-based monitoring of peatland restoration in Indonesia, while promoting sustainable peatland management to reduce carbon emissions and prevent deforestation.

Pantau Gambut Coalition

Pantau Gambut was jointly founded in an ever-growing partnership of CSOs. Between January 2017 and February 2018, 19 CSOs joined the Pantau Gambut coalition.

Their roles in the coalition include:

  • Information gathering & dissemination
  • Data & information analysis
  • Community support
  • Restoration implementation verification
  • Restoration pledge verification
  • Social Advocacy

Other documents:

Pantau Gambut Charter (0.9MB)

Overview of Pantau Gambut Networks

Early 2017
After a meeting on the urgency and objectives of establishing Pantau Gambut, a national network of five members was established. As a follow-up, CSOs from seven major peat provinces were invited to join the Pantau Gambut coalition.

May 2017
Nineteen CSOs worked together in organizing a national meeting to identify the direction and objectives of Pantau Gambut and formulate an action plan for 2017-2018.

May 2017 - December 2017
Regional network members (Simpul Jaringan Daerah) held hearings with various parties, both within and outside the government, and led citizen journalism trainings to engage thirty-eight volunteers for peatland monitoring.

December 2017
A second national meeting was held to refine the 2018 action plan and align it with the priority issues in the seven provinces of the regional network members. Since December 2017, on-site monitoring has been carried out to strengthen the analysis of progress on peatland restoration commitments.

Evaluation: Two Years of Peatland Restoration

Status on progress of restoration
The Government of Indonesia is committed to restore peatland to prevent the recurrence of the 2015 forest and land fires. Over the past two years, the government, along with various parties, has sought to follow through on these commitments. In 2017, Pantau Gambut observed some key momentum from the commitment as tangible steps towards restoration.

  • Size of ​​restored area
  • Peatland mapping with LiDAR technology
  • Review of peatland permits
  • Enforcement of the laws prohibiting the clearing of peatlands
  • Cancellation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry regulation No. 17/2017 on Industrial Timber Estate Development (HTI) development

Analysis of Commitment Based on Field Monitoring
Pantau Gambut, through its regional member network in seven provinces that are a priority for peatland restoration, monitors if commitments are met by the government and related parties. Several technical, economic, social, and cultural issues need attention. Pantau Gambut hopes that going forward, these issues will be taken into consideration for the restoration of national peatlands.

  1. Improve community understanding and capacity building
  2. Strengthen central and regional coordination
  3. Data transparency on peatland restoration
  4. Strengthen the supervision of peatland restoration activities by corporates
  5. Assimilate local knowledge in sustainable peatland management methods

Other documents:

Evaluation: Two Years of Peatland Restoration (2.3MB)

Campaign Video

Social Media Campaign

To involve people in monitoring peatland restoration, we see the need to socialize basic issues on peatlands to those living in cities, especially the youth who could be the future leaders of Indonesia.

Instagram is a popular social media channel among urban youth, and we create content that can help make peatland restoration issues more relevant and relatable to young audiences.

Media Coverage

After the introduction of Pantau Gambut in June 2017, we received media coverage in several leading publications at the national and ASEAN levels.

National & Regional Conferences

Developed six main goals and activities. The six objectives are:

  • Monitor progress and hold government accountable to their commitments
  • Become a go-to place for public education, especially for people around the restoration areas
  • Provide material for advocacy (policies and practices) including lawsuits
  • Promote restoration efforts by communities and CSOs, recognize the rights of the people to sound governance and management, and adopt local knowledge
  • Share media, learnings, referrals and consolidate our learnings
  • Build a repository of information on peatlands

Citizen Journalism Training

We reach out to volunteers to directly monitor developments of peat restoration in their respective areas. Volunteers are equipped with citizen journalism training to generate credible monitoring reports.

  1. Training of 16 citizen journalists in Palembang with WALHI South Sulawesi
  2. Training of 22 citizen journalists in Palangka Raya with WALHI in Central Kalimantan

Introduction of Platform

  1. An event to introduce and publicize the platform was attended by representatives from NGOs, the media, the Peat Restoration Agency (Badan Restorasi Gambut), and environmental activists
  2. A talk show session with peat experts in Indonesia. (left to right): Zulfikar Mardiyadi (Lecturer from the University of Papua), Almo Pradana (WRI Indonesia), Nadia Hadad (The Civil Society Foundation).
  3. Zulfikar Mardiyadi explaining the importance of peatland protection for the environment and the welfare of the people of Indonesia.
  4. The event ended on a high note with the appearance of stand-up comedian Arie Kriting.
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